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Debut full length from Yum Yum

see the video for Revenge here:
see the video for Strangers In A Room here:
see the video for Young Tongues here:
see the video for The Last here:


released July 25, 2012

Written and Produced by Yum Yum
Mixed by Yum Yum and HAR-1
Mastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering

We're Prisoners features additional vocals and writing by Jason Mampel and Michele Wylen.

It's A Game features additional vocals and writing by Winston Lane and Brown. Saxophone by Sid Conner.

Pulses Move Apart features additional vocals by Brisa Gonzalez, Michele Wylen, HAR-1 and Jason Mampel.

Put Your Heart In It features additional vocals and writing by Neo G Yo and vocoder by HAR-1.

Strangers In A Room features additional vocals by Michele Wylen.

Try Again features additional vocals by Jaclynn Shinnick and Lady Sapotage.




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Track Name: Black Clouds, Neon Rain
What will it take to get your attention?
Sweet words I've sent with hopeless intentions,
To be remembered, timeless dimensions,
Or will I die, forgotten and senseless?

Should I share or am I indulging?
So many thoughts on how I'm evolving,
Is it progress or just revolving?
So many problems, so little solving...

I can't believe what hasn't been said,
I can't dream, just nightmares instead,
I cant breathe, and only see red,
I can't sleep, or maybe I'm dead?
Track Name: Human Error
I've been around, I've seen some stuff,
I hear the sound, it's not enough...
You got me wondering,
Oh you got me wondering,
How long till it's too late to love again?

You caught my eye, I'll take it back,
I'll tell you why, you'll make it black,
I've met your type before,
Oh I've met your type before,
How long till you make my life yours?

Human error, in the human era...

I've done the math, it can't compute,
I've run the path, there's a better route,
I'd rather be alone,
Oh I'd rather be alone,
But you're the loveliest that I've ever known…

Human error, in the human era

Talkin' human error,
Cell division,
First some suction,
Licking, sticking,
Then some friction,
Move in rhythm,
Mate selection,
Sticky sexin',
We're all infected...
Track Name: We're Prisoners feat. Jason Mampel and Michele Wylen
We're prisoners!
So rattle the chain!
Just prisoners!
In love with the pain!
We're prisoners!
Locked in our lies!
Just prisoners!
No place to hide!

It's strange to think,
We have a choice,
Our voices never heard...

Our brains can't think,
There's too much noise,
And everything's absurd...

Your beauty gives you power,
You'll lose it with your age,
And when you're past your hour,
Will kindness rule the day?

You and I,
We've been here, for a while,
Is it love?
Or is it denial?
All this talk about life or death has me thinking...

Gun at your face, knife at your throat,
Tell me all the ways that you love me the most...

Are we friends?
Or are we lovers?
Let's pretend,
There are no others...

It's all the same.
It's just a name,
And words that bind,
That bend with time.

And lines we cross,
And loves we've lost,
And broken hearts,
Bring brand new starts.

Am I for you?
Are you for me?
Or is it true,
That love is free?

Spill me all your secrets,
And I promise I'll try not to tell,
You don't really know me well,
But I've got you under my spell...
Track Name: It's A Game feat. Winston Lane and Brown
Yeah i been there done that,
Seen where the fun's at,
Felt it for a night...
People care where the drugs at,
Not where the loves at,
Such a lonely life...

Yeah I been to the bar, and I been to the club,
Where my dealer's supposed to be...
Find friends of friends with chemicals,
When there's no one's close to me.
Yeah we share whats there till nothing's left,
Then we go our separate ways.
Who cares what's fair when there's nothing left,
To separate the days...

It's a game, it's a game,
So you've got to have some fun,
It's a game, it's a game,
And you only play it once...

Where the drugs at?
I need them.
Life's short,
Do i really need a reason?
So selfish, I've known this,
All my friends, are now opponents,
Such a sad life, when you live it up,
Fun everyday, can't ever give it up,
Call me reckless, no checklist,
It all ends when you least expect it.

The game's to blame, for me and my lifestyle,
Chilling with different women, until they feeling like bust down,
So what now? I ain't even giving two fucks, wow,
You trippin', I ain't even start to flip out,
I'm sippin', what ever seems to calm me the fuck down.
What's in style now? People poppin' them pills now,
I missed out on shit, how the fuck did i miscalculate that shit.
Like I'm supposed to quit?
The pills been crushed, the blunts been cut and lit,
I'm turrrt up, Goddamn that's some potent shit.
I've been dealing with some demons, I've been fiending to upset,
I been down, I ain't even getting my ups yet,
That good shit I swear, that's the feeling i must get.
I'm blasted, I ain't even needing a musket,
Emotion, always causes the end of my focus,
A notion, I know this is the game that I chose bitch!

Yo, I don't even need love, cause these hugs,
Don't give me what I need to keep up, my deep buzz,
And these drugs, got my brain caught in a whirlwind,
I'm surfing, on a tidal wave as I pick up an urging,
Just the workings of a head that ain't on right,
Bong pipe, spliff, dude, I'm hitting it all night,
Getting mad high, everybody knows that's why,
I'm in a corner laughing like I'm playing the bad guy.
Dad tried telling me the weed is a crutch son,
Succumb to the pressure and you're hurting your loved ones,
But they don't know me, like they one of my homies,
My cronies, those that are with me to blow trees,
So go ahead bemy judge I don't care,
How am I supposed to breathe with no air?
Pass me the dutchie and all is alright,
The world is all good and to all a good night.
Track Name: Pulses Move Apart
I'm thinking about love these days,
Somehow love will find a way,
Caught up in my worthless self,
Can't believe in no one else.
Memories they fade,
The things we do won't ever change.
Caught up in the space we'll never breathe,
I've loss my mind to stars in streams,
Searching all the time in sad strange dreams.
Feelings always shape the soul,
Feelings that some will never know,
I'm on my own again, so low,
High on isolation row.
Everyone is doomed,
Destined to be dust, cast to the sea,
Everything's in bloom,
Living makes our destinies decrease.
I'm caught in space and held by time,
Wasted thoughts confined to minds.
Living in a dream,
Dreaming about a life I'll never know,
Living within walls,
Walls so tall my heart explodes.
Life is long or life is short,
It's all the same when life's no more,
I'm thinking about life these days,
Somehow life just goes away,
I feel it in my heart,
The pulses move apart,
Caught up in the things we'll take and give,
Love will change the way you live,
Hopeless dreams we had as kids,
Dancing in the dark...

I think we should go out tonight,
My mind is racing and my heart can't take the beating,
I think we need to celebrate,
our life's amazing, when we stop and start breathing.

Do your dreams drive your visions?
Or your visions drive your dreams?
When you can't stop living?
And you don't know what it means.
Track Name: Put Your Heart In It feat. Neo G Yo
Everything you do should be romantic,
Every move you make should be like dancing,
So many questions we'll always be asking,
The dreams we chase will be everlasting...

Friends first, lovers later,
Life's good, love is so much greater,
When we met I knew i finally found a cure,
Found it in a heart, in a heart so pure.
I stopped caring about everything I might be missing,
And couldn't breathe until we finally started kissing,
Your lips had answers, my lips had questions,
The memories we share are my prize possession...

You truly are, the reason I am here,
I found myself, and found love for you clearly,
We could move far, we could just sit here,
I'll hold you close, and uphold you dearly.
Those new stars are distant but felt here,
Let's catch comets, with our nets until the light ends,
Then our two hearts will be left right here,
As we skip souls on the surface of the wind...

Everything you do should be romantic,
Put your heart in it, put your heart in it,
Every move you make should be like dancing,
Put your heart in it, put your heart in it,
So many questions we'll always be asking,
Put your heart in it, put your heart in it,
The dreams we chase will be everlasting,
Put your heart in it, put your heart in it.

Everything that you do, everything that you do.
Track Name: Revenge
Revenge, revenge.

You got me going crazy,
Your style is so amazing,
Or is my vision hazy?
Should i just keep masturbating?
You are so devastating,
Body's got me levitating,
Or is that hesitation?
Are you worth investigating?
You got a face I can't dismiss,
And lips shaped like the perfect kiss,
But deep inside I know your twists,
Your eyes show pain I can't resist...
I'm so so sorry for your woes,
Damaged goods and broken bones,
Broken homes with empty thrones,
Don't you know we're all alone?

Daddy issues, revenge,
Daddy issues, revenge.
You got daddy issues, revenge.
Daddy issues, revenge.

Girl I can see your tension,
I know you need attention,
Your pace is quite relentless,
You're already done undressing.
But where you really trying to go?
Who you really trying to know?
Don't you ever take it slow?
Is it always a shit show?
What you really trying to hide?
What's it take to get inside?
Daddy denied and left behind?
Would you rather that i lied?
I could treat you how you need,
Be the one you can believe,
You're already on your knees,
You need to show me where it bleeds...

Daddy issues,
And I don't even wanna know about it,
Daddy issues,
You gotta own it and go on without it,
Daddy issues,
You need yourself and no one else at all,
Daddy issues,
And when you're good you know just who to call.
Track Name: Strangers In A Room feat. Michele Wylen
And I don't really know,
If I could tame your inner rage,
But I could be the guy,
Who sees you through the days...

The thing with bad girls is you gotta let em know,
And if they hurt you, you never let it show,
The thing with bad girls' they really like to fight,
But only bad boys'll fuck them all night.
Oh please don't ask me, it's much stranger than the truth,
It's so romantic, there's danger in the youth,
So please don't ask me, I bear the burden of proof,
Just keep on dancing, we're strangers in a room...

You elevate my heart rate,
She stole my rhythm,
You modulate my mind state,
She stole my rhythm,
You elevate my heart rate,
She's cold and twisted,
You modulate my mind state,
She stole my rhythm...

It's all so easy when I'm lost in those big eyes,
And when they leave me it's never a surprise,
Please believe me, I've seen it many times,
They need excitement to fill their vacant minds.
The thing bout bad girls' they do as they please,
They'll stick around if you got what what they need,
And when it's gone so are they, like a ghost,
And then you're left with the ones that matter most...

Lights and music,
Drinks and dancing,
Night romancing,
Loving hating,
Let's get naked...

Let's get naked, let's get naked.

You know, you know,
You know, I know,
I know, I know,
I know, you know,
So let's go…

I can't lie when I'm around you,
Your eyes speak and I'm so damn blue,
I tried to leave, but ain't getting far,
I can't breathe, wherever you are...

It ain't the same unless you're here,
I call your name, to see if you're near,
It's only you, who does me like this,
Why can't I move without your kiss?
Track Name: I Gave You Space
I keep forgetting it's over,
We should have taken it slower,
Now I'm feeling much colder,
And days seem so much slower,
I feel stuck in the rear view,
Never wanted to steer you,
Just maybe catch a ride,
But now you're gone,
And I'm left behind.

I gave you space,
But you needed more,
I gave you space,
It wasn't enough,
I gave you space,
But you needed time,
I gave you space,
Now I need mine...

And the days go by,
I cannot lie,
Something's so wrong,
Life seems so long,
Without you,
Nothing has meaning,
Or so it seems,
Without your dreams,
I cannot breathe..

So now I'm free to roam,
But I'm stuck at home,
Wondering what went wrong,
Playing our song,
Without you,
Nothing has meaning,
Or so it seems,
Without your dreams,
I cannot breathe...
Track Name: Try Again
Is this it or is there more?
It's always on my mind.
Am I so, so way ahead?
Or falling far behind?
When will I be satisfied?
I need to know right now.
Who will bring me happiness?
And if they do, then how?

See, I don't know you,
I don't need to,
I know you're lying,
And i believe you.
It could be magic,
It could be special,
Just keep on trying,
And I will let you...

Could it be I'm hard to please,
Never satisfied,
Or is it just some aimless lust,
Hiding what's inside?
Bring me love, or bring me blood,
I'm fighting till the end, (yes I'm fighting for it)
Someday soon I will be dead, (yeah I'm dying for it)
Won't you be my friend?

Try, again, try, again.

Is this real or am I dreaming,
Maybe just pretend,
I don't want to know, or do I?
Tell me if you can.
Track Name: Young Tongues
You're my type,
You're my type

Young tongues touch when times are tough,
Street smart sweet hearts like it rough,
New romance, cant get  enough,
Loves a gamble, play the bluff,

I remember everything,
I don't believe in destiny,
And i would give you anything,
If you would only let me in.
It's only you who sets me free,
Without you how upset I'll be,
I'll live my life regretfully,
I need to know you sexually.

Words we say, they move in waves,
And whats unsaid can carry weight,
And all that love could turn to hate,
Enough to make you hesitate,
Our eyes see whats in front of us,
Our lives are longer than our lust,
Some will  say that one's enough,
Those are the ones to never trust.

Would you die for your lies?
Would you die for your lies?
If you died for your lies,
Would you lie?

All the lies you've told,
Made you old,
All the lies you've told (truth),
Made you old (youth).
Track Name: The Last
And if I'll never understand it,
Should I really even care?
If it goes the way I planned it,
How will I even know I'm there?
I can't take it back, I know this,
It's forever set in time,
And if I never ever noticed,
Well now it's always on my mind.
Excuse me if I move too slow,
I was never in a rush,
When it came to taking time,
Oh I could never take enough.
I might wait until it's far too late,
Watch it pass me right on by,
If I've lost, I'll lose a million times,
That's why I've earned the right to try.
So take your fucking clothes off,
I ain't even asking nice,
And tomorrow's never promised,
But we'll always have tonight.
You can leave the fucking lights on,
Someday soon they'll all be out,
Someday soon we'll all be quiet,
So now's the time to shout.
I'll lose everything I've ever had,
And not even know the difference,
Send my thoughts out in the universe,
Let them be my fucking fingerprints.
If you're with me, well I'd be surprised,
We're on our own until we die,
Alone until the end arrives,
By ourselves, forever mesmerized...

Nothing ever lasts,
All our treasures turns to trash,
Present is the future past,
All the things we never asked.